Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Mentor I Haven't Met Yet

Who out there in the world would be the best mentor for your ideas and goals?

The prompts certainly are doing an excellent job in forcing me to figure out the way I view my life! I wish I could say that they get easier as you go along, but that has most certainly not been the case for me. Each day I sit down on my computer to focus on the new prompt, and each day I let out a big sigh when I realize I don't know the answer. It's like it would be enough of a challenge just to write the post, let alone actually figuring out how I feel about it. 

I don't currently have any mentors for my ideas and goals, at least none that I actively know of. Truth is, I've always had a bit of trouble relating to others when it comes to my own personal thoughts and challenges. When I receive motivation from others, I feel it's more like "oh of course you can do it," which has always struck me as a little generic. I have trouble believing them because I feel like they hadn't heard the whole idea yet, or weren't listening when I shared my doubts. How would they know if I could do it, if they hadn't yet heard what I was so afraid of? As a result, I started doubting the whole possibility of having a role model/mentor that could really shake things up for me. I wish I could say that part has changed, or is changing, but there really isn't much progress to report on this front. 

So, I guess you could say I'm taking applications. I'm sending it out to the universe that I'm looking for a mentor who'll grab me by the shoulders and say "Hey Shannon, you've got a really amazing talent here and you can't let that go to waste." Because really, that's all it really comes down to for me. Some sort of specific validation that there's something here inside of me that's great. Not just that 'I'm great' or that 'I'll do great.' Something specific that I do that makes someone else go "hey, there's no way she should give that up."

Is that really too much to ask?

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