Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thoughts on Life

I've been a busy little bee for the past few weeks, and am acutely aware of my lack of posts for my risk blogging challenge. Although it appears that I'm a little behind, you can be sure I have not fully failed - and I will not accept defeat!

The truth is, I've been doing a little bit of private soul searching when it comes to risk, and have been working with a great life coach (Grace Cho from Seismic Coaching) to help define the direction that I would like to take my life in.

Through my short time in working with her, I've already begun adjusted my mannerisms and the way I converse with myself regarding big life matters. I've started to eliminate those "should" feelings that come so naturally to me, for whatever reason. "I'm not living the life I should be" or "I should be doing _____ with my time, instead of ________" are commonplace in my private mind, but I'm finally beginning to see that "should" should be a 4 letter word!

I'm beginning to question the origin of these emotions and self-taught thoughts, and understand why I've grown to become so plagued by them. I'm also learning to counteract them, with thoughts of inspiration, potential and hope for the future. So far, Grace has taught me to really believe we are all born just the way we are meant to me. We aren't meant to be fixed, or adjusted, we are meant to experience life with the plus's and minus's we are given, and we should never feel that we are broken and in need of fixing. We are just in need of growth.


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  1. Sounds like a very useful life coach!


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