Friday, March 8, 2013

Now Leaping Near You

Do You Always Look Before You Leap?

Short Answer: No

Next Question: Should I?

Quite Possibly

I feel very strongly that this post will show just how much of a walking contradiction I am. I love the idea of risks, and I love surprises, but I also like to plan. I like things planned, and concise. I like to know how my day will end before I wake up in the morning. I keep a schedule and write lists to keep me both motivated and on-track. I've also been told I take life a little too seriously (from a personality test we took through our pre-marriage counselling so I think it's pretty legit). 

As a result, when it comes time to make really big decisions, like buying a car, quitting a job or listing our house. I usually leap. Without looking. Thing is, I feel so bogged down by my self-generated stress from day to day life, that when the big life-changing decisions come along I'm pretty good at throwing caution to the wind. Sometimes I feel that I'm so drained from micromanaging my own life, that it's easier to pick some things by doing the "eeny meenie minie mo" thing. Although with the big things, I just feel that one way or another things will just work out. If the house isn't meant to sell now, it won't. If we sell and are left homeless, we'll figure it out. If I quit my job, we might struggle for a bit but I'll be able to keep us afloat by taking on various tasks, projects, etc. Hell, if an opportunity dropped in my lap to move to a different city, I'd probably seriously consider it for a day or two and make a decision. 

Sure, I've jumped into things that I probably shouldn't have. I've lost us money in business ventures that were horrible ideas, I've taken vacations when we certainly shouldn't have, I jumped into relationships that were horrible for my soul. The transition periods out of these instances were painful and difficult - but growth almost always is. And I like it when my heart + soul grows. 

I feel that if you go too long without learning, you feel stuck. It isn't my nature to continue along mostly smooth seas just living a relatively predictable life. I also have this opinion that life is what you make it, and I although I struggle with worry and hesitation for smaller things (should I got back to school, should I take on more clients, should I open an online store), when opportunities arise I rarely shy back from them. I take it as a sign from the universe, regardless from what might be waiting for me on the other side. 

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