Thursday, March 7, 2013

Going Big?


Discuss your experience with the saying "Go Big or Go Home"

I've never really been one for the 'go big or go home' mentality. Like I've mentioned in my other risk posts, I am a fan of risks in general, but I'm also a fan of reasonable risks vs. possibly unreasonable. My mister, on the other hand, is a firm believer in 'go big or go home' so suffice it to say that this area is a bit of a struggle for us. 

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to go on a mini vacation to Las Vegas. I love the Vegas. It makes me uber happy every time I visit there, mainly because of the hot summer sun and long hours drinking caesars by the pool. The spouse, however, felt that if we were a) going on vacation and b) going to Vegas, we needed to make the most of it by saving (and then spending) HUGE dollars on fancy meals, spa treatments and a better hotel room. I was just happy to even be going, let alone staying at a decent hotel and just couldn't understand his dissatisfaction with an ordinary vacation. I finally talked him down from his grandeur expectations of our first visit together to the city of sin, and realized he felt that way because he wasn't sure he'd ever get back. He wanted to make the most of it, since we were there, just in case. 

Coincidentally, we have been back a number of times since our first visit (and this summer will be my 5th trip - as a joint stagette), and we have enjoyed ourselves every time, even on a budget. To be honest, I think each trip we spend a little less than the last, and enjoy it a little more. He's come to realize that to me, just getting there is going big (because we could have spent our days off more locally) and going bigger does not always guarantee more happiness or enjoyment. 

Usually, when I think of going big, it commonly involves feelings and thoughts that involve money and our financial stability. And it's usually a decision based on "is spending an extra $XX on going big going to be worth the financial setbacks I will incur over the next 12 months." Because as awesome as it might be, going big is rarely cheap. 

That being said, our difference in outlook has helped me understand that sometimes, we don't really know 'if we're going to make it back.' While vacation choices are relatively small in the big scheme of things, it does make me think more about applying that to other areas of my life. Like spending time with my grandparents. Family camping trips. Our wedding day. Those are times I'll be a bit more lenient in actually going big instead of going home. Just don't expect a $30,000 wedding - just like my vacations, I'm sure my 'big' is much smaller than most.

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