Friday, March 1, 2013

When is the risk worth... the risk?

Do you think it's better to play it safe or to take risks?

Naturally, I like risks. I like the thought of risks, I like daydreaming about risk, I even like getting ready to take risks. Growing up, I've always been the type of person that thought of risks as exciting adventures, and not knowing where you'd turn up was half the fun. Unfortunately, as I got older and managed to acquire things like mortgages and car payments and dog-owning responsibilities, risks became significantly more difficult to take. When you grow up, it seems like there's always something out there preventing you from taking that leap (or even just a baby step) towards your dream. 

Sometimes I wish I was 20 years old again, without responsibilities or so many bills. Maybe that way I could cram as many risks as possible into that small window frame of time when you really are free. Then I remember, though, that had I done that, I may not be where I am today. And I kinda like it here right now. So it's a catch-22. 

Needless to say, there really isn't any excuse at all for us to stop taking risks as we get older. Sure, there's more at stake,  but doesn't that normally mean there is more to gain as well? Nobody expects a 30 year old to sell their home and take off to Austrailia, or a 40 year old to quit their job to go work on a cruiseline, but who's to say that makes it a bad idea? I want to know that, at the end of my time here on this beautiful earth, I've explored every inch of my soul, rejoiced in possibility and experienced the follow-through to many of my own possible risks. 

So, in closing, I think it IS better to take risks. Get out there. Explore. Wish. Make silly mistakes. 

I think we all just need a few more reminders from the universe that living this way is ok. It's accepted in the big scheme of things. And that we all need to let go a little more than we do. 

<3 Shan

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  1. I agree, taking risks is better than always playing is "safe". I think as along as you put thought into your decisions then why not? I remember becoming widowed at 40. So many people thought it was weird I was dating again 2 years later, but I wanted a new life. I am married again to someone who never was married and it was been work,but so worth it. My big fear was being left again by illness etc, but I realized that I had to take a chance for my happiness.

  2. I can relate to this, a lot. There's a definite safety net in playing it close, but there's a quote that says something like "nothing risked, nothing gained." Love the image you used, too!
    (popping in from NaBloPoMo!)


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